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Here you will find a comprehensive range of my sculptures, both individual and monumental projects.

Tthe Projects section shows, in detail, the public sculptures undertaken that are monumental in scale.

The workshop tour shows how individual pieces are created.

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But first a few words about my work.

The art of sculpting involves the use of all the senses. It can be a public challenge, sometimes a private burden, fortunately for me the pleasures outweigh the disappointments. It is an activity which undeniably has played an important role in the development of civilizations, this despite having its fair share of clowns and misguided critics.

 There is the certainty that much of my work displayed in its setting will exist long after its maker. Creating such a permanent mark unselfishly adds a purpose and importance to the activity itself. Making a living as a sculptor has its precarious times. I have been fortunate to have had the support of some individual patrons, and of corporate bodies, during my career. Without their enthusiasm and support much of my work would not have been possible.

Barry Baldwin - Sculptor
Barry Baldwin was born in Staffordshire, England. He attended Stafford College of Art and Design, and Bath Academy of Art. Thereafter his knowledge in the use of material for his work was acquired through a long apprenticeship in a broad range of stone carving and casting techniques. Working mostly in a public and monumental mode, his work can be seen in major cities in the United Kingdom and Europe, often as an integral part of an architectural scheme. Barry emigrated to the USA in 2001 and opened a gallery in the San Francisco Bay area.